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Five Colors To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

At Paint Boy, we love design inspiration, and we’re definitely inspired by the unique challenges of each season. One of the challenges everyone faces during sweater weather is how to keep their homes warm and cheerful, even after the holidays.

Choosing The Right Interior Paint Finish

Generally speaking, the best way to ensure the longevity of a paint job is to keep up with exterior paint maintenance. After proper prepping and painting of any surface, outside forces such as wind, water, sun, and heat begin degrade the paint.

Decide Which Paint Finish Fits Your Home the Best

Picking paint colors can be a tough selection, but making a decision on your wall sheen is just as important. Interior paint finish can determine the appearance of your space adding depth to the overall interior.

Most Common Paint Finishes

Same paint color, two different finishes, and two different textures. When deciding on having your home painted, or re-painted, it is often very difficult to decide which paint finishes are the best for each area. Below you will find a quick guide for the most…