Exterior Paint Maintenance

Generally speaking, the best way to ensure the longevity of a paint job is to keep up with exterior paint maintenance. After proper prepping and painting of any surface, outside forces such as wind, water, sun, and heat begin degrade the paint. On average, a good paint job should last between 10-12 years, with the paints available in California. Within those 10-12 years, there are several ways to prevent any unnecessary damage to the paint. Below you will find a few pointers to help with maintaining any paint job.

Types of Cracking

Small to Hairline Cracks – Cracking in paint can be found on wood, stucco, and metal surfaces. If a small crack is noticed in the paint of any of these surfaces, there is a quick and easy way to fix it. Firstly, you should clean the area and apply a small amount of primer to the crack. After the primer has dried, apply just enough paint to fill the crack. This will not only help conceal the crack, but also help to keep moisture out. Reducing possible delamination and other issues that may arise with moisture intrusion.

Larger Cracks – If you notice a large crack that appears to split through wood or penetrate through stucco, you may be able to remedy the problems on your own.

Wood – Clean and prep the area of any debris. Apply wood putty or bondo to the crack. After the putty, or bondo, has dried, lightly sand the area to a smoothness matching the existing wood. Then, apply a coat of primer and two coats of exterior paint to match.

Stucco – Clean and prep the area of any debris. Apply an elastomeric caulking to the crack. Once the caulking has dried, apply two coats of exterior paint to the caulked area.

Maintaining a paint job will help keep the paint as vibrant as it was the first day it was applied. Keep an eye out for any abnormal cracking or peeling. If you notice any cracks, or splitting to be larger than normal, or think you may need them professionally repaired, give Paint Boy a call at (877) 410-3405 to schedule a free estimate today!