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Paint Boy is a division of Builder Boy. We are a licensed painting company with services ranging from interior and exterior painting, as well as industrial and agricultural painting. We have been servicing business owners and home owners throughout Los Angeles and Orange County for over twenty years. Our services include interior house painting, exterior house painting, commercial coatings, industrial and agricultural coatings, sandblasting in preparation for painting, and specialty finishes for more elaborate design requirements. Unlike other painting contractors, we also provide cabinet refinishing and stucco refinishing and restoration services.


Residential Painting Services

No home improvement project revitalizes, protects and beautifies a house as quickly, effectively, and affordably as house painting. At Paint Boy, we can help restore your home’s appearance to it’s original state. We can also give your home an entirely new look and feel beginning with exterior painting. We then move inside balancing the interior with a gorgeous color scheme that seamlessly connects one space to the next. So start now and give your home the personality, character and style you’ve always wanted to live in. Hire our professional team of house painters to paint your home from the inside out – pun intended.

Commercial Painting Services

Whether you’re an owner-operator looking to change the concept of an existing restaurant with your own lavish dining experience or a retail management company looking for a contractor to handle tenant improvements, consider Paint Boy to handle all of your painting and building needs. We’re more than just another painting company. We can provide you with everything from design advice to space planning and build out.

With over 20 years of experience, we have helped many businesses in Southern California open faster. We do it through meticulous project management and by making sure all building codes are met during the first inspection. We’re also ADA compliant. If you’re ready to hire an experienced commercial contractor you can trust, schedule an appointment with us today. We can meet you on-site at your proposed location for a free estimate.


Industrial & Facility Painting Services

There is no paint jobs too big or small for Paint Boy. We’ve re-painted the monument signs at Southern California’s Disneyland all have painted the pipes at the Long Beach Water Department’s groundwater treatment. Paint Boy has been the most trusted industrial paint contractor for local governments and major businesses in Los Angeles and Orange County. We offer competitive prices on painting services and offer prevailing wage rates for public work projects for government contracts. If your manufacturing facility is seeking a painting solution to coat a metal substrate, feel confident knowing our team of industrial painters have extensive experience with specialty primers, epoxies, resins, enamels and other coatings to make your facilities look good and last a long time.

Food & Agricultural Painting Services

We have industrial coating experts on staff who will thoroughly inspect your surfaces for corrosion. We then come up with a detailed plan of attack to prep and coat your buildings with the best modern products available. Paint Boy provides on-site cleaning, sandblasting, and media blasting. We have our own portable equipment for power washing, sandblasting and efficiently stripping the old paint or coatings off of the surface we’re preparing to paint. We can keep all of the media contained as requested, and it can be transported away from your facility for disposal.


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At Paint Boy, we are committed to offering viable building and remodeling solutions to homeowners and business owners alike. We are bringing beauty, form, and function back into every home, office, and building we paint. Our team of experts are dedicated to their craft and will work relentlessly to turn your dream into a reality. Diligent planning, expert opinions, clear-cut organization, honest communication, quality materials and quality craftsmanship are keys to our business success. We assure the swift and solid construction of any project. With every improvement project we accept, we aim to work with our clients to build a better home or business that will not only add beauty to the community but will boost the value of the property and quality of life.